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Personal Branding 101, Virtual Training

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Introducing Personal Branding 101, Completely Virtual! Digitally Delivered, Just for You!

* Supplemental Worksheets Provided.

* Mindset Shift Enabled.

* Includes Branding Insights You'll Nowhere Else.


Are you wanting to know more about the power of branding, and how you can use it to enrich your life, your career, or your business? Then, delve into the journey of Personal Branding 101 with me!

In this virtual training course, available for purchase at a wonderfully affordable cost at www.DaymondInspires.com, you will learn the intricacies of your Personal Brand, so that you can take control of it! The training is wonderfully aligned with my book, "The Brawn of Your Brand," which takes a unique approach toward describing your brand and how it can help you create success tailored just for you! In this training, you will gain the following insights:

- You will understand the significance of Personal Branding and how it’s already integrated into your everyday life.

- You will understand how to break the big concept of Personal Branding into bite-size chunks you can take control of and implement today.

- You will understand how Personal Branding and Business Branding are intertwined, and how one can be leveraged for the other.

When you purchase this training, you will gain access to this online course for a total of 4 weeks. Review the training as many times as you need, and access supplemental worksheets to become a branding powerhouse for your own Personal Brand and Business Brand!

Course Specification:
  • Access granted per email address submitted per purchase order, within 48 hours
  • Class format: Web page interface, embedded video
  • Course Duration: 46 minutes +, dependent on time taken for intermittent question/answer opportunities
  • Supplemental worksheets provided
  • Access granted for 30 days