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The Brawn of Your Brand

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The "Brawn of Your Brand" is a book developed to get readers excited about branding! Branding has become such a buzz word these days that it drums up as much confusion as it does attention. Everyone knows that branding is important. Every professional, leader, business owner, influencer, and any other person seeking to make successful strides in their fields of endeavor realizes they must possess strong brands. However, branding is a very complicated activity. It is often very unsettling just figuring out exactly where to start with any branding effort, whether it's a personal branding effort or a business branding effort. Then, once that start is identified, there are a million more things to do. If we're not careful, we can easily get swept away, engaged in misguided branding efforts, incongruent with our personal desires and essence. This book is developed to assist readers with finding a solid baseline for their difficult branding challenges. It is meant to be an enabler for readers to focus on placing their authentic selves at the center of every brand they create. This book is a breath of fresh air for its readers. It contains viewpoints about branding that encourage readers to appreciate the power of branding. It further acknowledges the ability of every reader to search inside themselves to find their own personal truths, which should be embedded in their personal and business brands. Because branding is a very difficult task, this book contains insights describing how the writer, Daymond The Brand, CLC, faced his own stressful hardships with branding. The reader will come to understand how his woes were overcome by his commitment to getting clear with himself to subsequently brand with joy. Ultimately, "The Brawn of Your Brand" is created to help readers get in touch with joyfully branding themselves and their businesses, while operating with clear intentions to experience life changing consequences.